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Happy 1000 by memai-kins
Happy 1000
Celebrating 1000 followers on my art blog as well as 1000++ watchers here on Deviantart (I think there's more and it's way overdue, but what can I say?)

So here, have a capering nerd and the best 300 year old vampire the Dark Brotherhood's got. Inspired by that one popular fanart (which I won't like since it's without a source, but I think everyone knows which one I'm talking about ;>)

Cicero and Babette © Bethesda
Art © Memai
Please do not reupload or use without my permission. If you'd like to repost/reblog this, please use the sharing/reblogging features instead and include a link back to Thank you!


Mon Mar 2, 2015, 4:23 AM
Hey guys! Just like to let you all know that if you'd like to keep up with my artistic shenanigans, you're free to follow my art blog on tumblr:

I check DA pretty much daily, so I'd like to take a moment for all the watches, follows, comments, faves, encouraging and kind messages! <33 They definitely mean a lot to me! However, while I'm pretty active on tumblr, I'm not going to abandon DA completely :3 I'll still upload artwork from time to time, but I will be doing and posting more over on tumblr.

If you don't mind, great! But if you'd like to keep on the pulse, so to speak, hit the follow button! :3

Lots of love!!!
x Mems

Fate and Destiny by memai-kins
Fate and Destiny
Wow, I haven't been here in a while 8D Just so y'all know; I'm wayyy more active on my tumblr: so if you guys want to keep up with my more current stuff, feel free to follow me there as well :3 

Anywho... I think some folks have seen this, but nevertheless, here's a sneak peek at my latest project: I was inspired by the tarot card designs used in Dragon Age: Inquisition and I thought to myself, why not make one for my Elder Scrolls babies? ;> These are all my characters, but the other cards will included canon characters as well as my friends' characters ♥

The Elder Scrolls © Bethesda
Characters, art © Memai
Please do not reupload! If you'd like to share, please use the share feature, or include a link back to my deviantart or tumblr URLs. Do not alter, copy, trace, or claim this work as your own.
6 of Spades - Cullen Rutherford by memai-kins
6 of Spades - Cullen Rutherford
Technically cheating, since I did this in December ;>

Decided to do little "holiday cards" (ha ha) for some friends! I might post them all up one day :p Anyway, this was for Silv, of everyone's favorite Temp-- err Knight-Cap-- mm, COMMANDER of the Dragon Age universe ;>

Dragon Age, Cullen © BioWare
Art © Memai
The Castellan's Daughter by memai-kins
The Castellan's Daughter
My newest character, Eirsaire Direnni, the youngest of the Castellan's daughters, and one of the fiestiest. I wonder what she's doing in Skyrim?

I love me the Direnni so much, all of Western Tamriel is pretty much my anti-drug ♥

Sorry I haven't been terribly active in keeping up with DA lately, I'm a LOT more active on my artblog: Check it out or follow if you'd like to keep up to date, as I tend to update it more often ♥

Eirsaire is mine.
The Direnni, Tamriel, The Elder Scrolls belongs to Bethesda

Edit: Yes, blue eyes! It's possible in ES:O and Oblivion (if I can recall??), and since the Direnni are ~super special~ and lived in High Rock since the First Era, I imagine there's a lot of new genetic possibilities open to them than what's presented in Skyrim ♥


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I like cake :>




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Your artwork is absolutely STUNNING! :wow: I'm in awe! Thank you so much for sharing it here! :heart:
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Ahaha thank you!
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Thank you very much for favouriting my drawing of Briala from Dragon Age, I really appreciate the support <3 

Have you been playing Dragon Age Inquisition?

Once again, thank you very much for the favourite, I appreciate the support a lot :glomp:
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Thank you so much for taking the time out to favorite my works. It means such a great deal to me that you enjoy my art, and I hope you can consider watching Hug
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happy happy birthday to yoooooooouuu~
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Utter brilliance, the personality you bring to your characters is intoxicating for sure.  Love it!
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